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Introducing the My MACI App

Do you have patients starting their comeback with MACI? Encourage them to download the My MACI App to enhance their recovery experience.

Support Programs Created Specifically for MACI Patients

MyCartilageCare is a support program for MACI-biopsied patients, providing insurance approval coordination and treatment information. After a cartilage biopsy, encourage your patients to visit to learn about:







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MACI Insurance Approval Rates and Timelines*

Since every insurance policy is different and each patient’s specific cartilage damage and personal history are unique, general guidelines on MACI insurance approval rates and timelines are provided.

MACI Insurance Approval Rates

Graph of MACI Insurance approval rates

MACI Insurance Approval Timeline

After deciding to move forward with MACI, insurance coordination & approval typically takes 25–30 days

Insurance appeals, as needed, take approximately 20–25 days

*Data on file. MACI cases activated between January 2020 and December 2020. Insurance approval is defined as payor pre-authorization for the MACI procedure. 

Do you have patients interested in talking with real MACI patients about their experience?

The MACI Mentor Program gives patients considering MACI an opportunity to connect one-on-one with real MACI patients by phone.

MACI Mentor


Encourage your patients to speak with a MACI Mentor at 1-888-237-5493 or