The first step toward patient
insurance approval

MyCartilage Care can provide patient support by helping to manage the insurance process. It offers:

  • Patient benefit investigation
  • Predetermination and prior authorization management
  • Reimbursement support


Download and complete the patient enrollment form

Click here


Select the patient’s insurance carrier and confirm the specific medical inclusion criteria


Fax the enrollment form and all supporting documentation to

Resources to assist with approvals and denial appeal can be found at:

  • Insurer inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Dictation guide for common insurer inclusion criteria
  • Letter of Medical Necessity assistance
  • Peer-to-Peer guidance
  • Patella clinical review
  • Reimbursement guide

For assistance with patient insurance approvals, call your MyCartilage Care Case Manager at 877-872-4643 or visit


insurance approval success rates*

87% of all MACI cases were approved on initial submission


MACI insurance approval specific to patella cases:

  • 84% Approved on initial submission (25-30 days)
  • 4% Approved on appeal (+20-25 days)
  • 10% Not appealed & 2% Denied after appeal

MACI is widely reimbursed and included on a majority of national insurance plans. To see a list of insurers, please visit

*Data on file. MACI cases activated between January 2019 and December 2019. Insurance approval is defined as payor pre-authorization for the MACI procedure.