notice of Data transfer

On June 2, 2014, Vericel Corporation ("Vericel"), formerly known as Aastrom Biosciences, announced that it had completed its acquisition of Sanofi's cell therapy and regenerative medicine business unit. In the course of its ordinary business activities and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, Sanofi and/or its authorized affiliates collected information on Healthcare Professionals (HCP's) patients, and other individuals throughout the world. Such data will be transferred to or accessed by Vericel employees or affiliates within the United States, internally within Vericel or by external third parties, who may process personal data as directed by Vericel, or disclosed by Vericel for use on its behalf to comply with the applicable laws and regulations relating to donation, procurement, testing, processing, storage and distribution of tissues and cells. The collection, compilation, analysis and delivery of personal data are governed nationally and regionally by personal data protection laws and regulations.