maci remains available without interruption

The past few months have brought unprecedented challenges and stress to all Americans and others around the globe. At Vericel Corporation, our thoughts are with those affected by COVID-19 and we are especially thankful to all healthcare workers for their critical efforts during this challenging time.

Our mission to help treat patients with serious knee cartilage injuries has remained steadfast throughout the pandemic. Vericel continues to manufacture MACI® (autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane) for those in need of care. MACI is aseptically manufactured in an FDA licensed facility using sterile materials and reagents. Our clean rooms maintain the highest cleanliness standards through automated environmental controls and monitoring. A rotational cleaning program of the room and all work surfaces includes quality control testing and release of the rooms. All Vericel manufacturing personnel wear pre-sterilized gowning materials. Laminar flow biosafety cabinets located within the clean rooms are used for all manufacturing processes. Each phase of manufacturing is monitored and tested for microbial contamination. Following manufacturing, all final products undergo rigorous quality control testing including the use of numerous proprietary release assays to ensure that our products are safe, consistent, and free of microbial contaminants.



MACI Clinical Account Specialists are available to provide point-of-care case support in accordance with local, state, or federal movement and business activity guidance, as well as vendor access rules. Our Customer Care and MyCartilageCare® services also remain operational and are ready to assist patients and practitioners with case management, insurance approval coordination, and treatment information.

Please contact your local MACI Clinical Account Specialist if you have questions about MACI or Vericel’s COVID-19 response plan and continuing mission. From all of us at Vericel Corporation, thank you for your continued commitment.


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