The information contained in the following videos does not constitute medical advice. The information regarding surgical techniques are general guidelines and you should use your experiences and the patient’s circumstances when considering the use of the techniques. Individual results will vary among patients and depend on many factors.

Brian Cole, M.D. performs the MACI procedure on a 20 year old male athlete with cartilage delamination of the central-lateral trochlea.

Kai Mithoefer, M.D. demonstrates a live MACI surgery on a 42 year old male with multiple cartilage defects on the lateral femoral condyle and trochlea following an ACL reconstruction.

Tom Minas, M.D. performs the MACI procedure and a tibial tubercle osteotomy on a patient with chronic patella subluxation and multiple cartilage defects.

Wayne Gersoff, M.D. performs the MACI procedure on a cartilage defect located in the medial femoral condyle.

Kevin Freedman, M.D. demonstrates the use of MACI in the treatment of a defect located in the lateral femoral condyle.