Simplify the MACI procedure with the MACI Implantation TRAY

Ensure a custom fit of the MACI implant to your patient’s cartilage defect while minimizing handling of the MACI implant.

MACI Implantation Kit

  1. Mallet 180g Head
  2. MACI Cutting Block
  3. Tungsten Carbide Scissors
  4. 4.5mm Ring Curette
  5. 6.0mm Ring Curette
  6. Toothless Adson
  7. Toothless Adson
  1. MACI Custom Cutter Oval 13x20mm
  2. MACI Custom Cutter Oval 15x23mm
  3. MACI Custom Cutter Oval 20x25mm
  4. MACI Custom Cutter Oval 22x32mm
  5. MACI Custom Cutter Round 15mm
  6. MACI Custom Cutter Round 28mm
  7. MACI Custom Cutter Oblong 10x30mm

The MACI Implantation Tray is provided by Vericel for MACI procedures. Ask your MACI Representative for more information.

Important note: The MACI Implantation Tray is not available or appropriate for all MACI procedures. The content presented here is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

MACI Surgical Implantation Kit Instructions for Use, including individual instrument Instructions for Use